Inspirations and Initiations

Went to Maine to write.

Went to Maine to write.

  I know the "sound" I want for Byrd and it's the lack there of. The demos and ideas I am piecing together all fall under a few different genres of music. This doesn't worry me, though, for I know Byrd won't be everyones' cup of tea - and for those who do like Byrd - not every song will be something that resonates with them. 

  I just need to write.

  I'm a big believe in "you can't please everyone," and to be honest, the first person I am pleasing is yours truly. I get so excited when writing that the direction and feel just snowballs upon itself, ignoring my desperate attempts to lasso and control its devilish pursuit. 

Things I am listening to at this time that excite me:

  • Of Mice & Men
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Something Corporate
  • Relient K