Recording Hideaway

  It's rare I find peace - especially in Boston. This is a photo of where I have been recording my vocals. It has a sweet view of I-90 that is actually somewhat peaceful. The cars pass, but you don't hear them at all when in the vocal booth. I record at night, watching the amount of traffic slowly dwindle to truckers and a few night owl stragglers.

  I sometimes wonder... one of the people passing by on that highway at 4am might one day stumble on a Byrd music video online and it baffles me to think that I saw them first as they pass by my dark building in which I was recording the exact song they are hearing on YouTube two years later, etc. Chances are unlikely, but just thinking about the possibility is intriguing. 

  No one knows the location of my hideaway and I put my phone on airplane mode - kind of like a strange detox from all forms of communication. 

Listening to these artists/songs amidst my recording escapades:

  • Dave Carter and Tracy Grammar
  • M83
  • The Wombats - "Tokyo"
  • All Time Low - Nothing Personal (album)
  • Of Monsters and Men - "Dirty Paws"