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Ten times the size of my beloved Boston. New York stimulates my bite-sized brain. The people I meet here are so colorful and wacky. I had a young gal recognize me from Me vs Gravity and told her about the music I am writing for Byrd. She seemed excited, it was a cool 2 minutes. 

Saw the Rockettes... wow. Legs were flailing everywhere it was mesmerizing. They were all identical hight and body proportions which was visually enticing and made me board a train of thought that I feel inspired to share. The only way to collect this many incredibly talented dancers of identical proportions is to outreach across not just North America, but potentially the world. They are SO syncronized in these moments, you'd mistake them for one solid being YET each one of those girls has a story... heart breaks... troubled childhoods... depression... different political party affiliations... religions... and they still manage to be "one" perfectly timed unit for this hour and a half long show. Blows my mind and brings me back to my marching band days. 

Listening to:

  • Something Corporate - "Woke Up in a Car"
  • All Time Low - "Walls"
  • Beatles - "When I'm Sixty-Four"